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    Welcome to the webpage of the BROOKSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BAND.  Here you will find information about our Instrumental Music Program, lessons, rehearsals, concerts, and more.     



                Lessons are held for all band students in weekly thirty-minute group lessons, on a rotating schedule.  The time of your child’s lesson will rotate each week to ensure the student will not continually miss the same class time; however, the day of the lesson will remain the same so the students can easily remember which days they must bring their instrument in to school. 



                At Brookside School we offer Advanced Band, to band students in grade 5, with at least one year of experience on their current instrument.  Advanced Band meets as a full band during zero period (8:20-9:05) every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the school year.  Having a band rehearsal before classes is a great way to start the school day!  Students leave morning rehearsals intellectually alert and ready to continue learning through-out the day. 


            Beginning Band lessons are offered to students in grades 4 and 5 who are in their first year of learning to play their instrument.  Once our new students have sufficient time to learn, practice, and become proficient enough on their instrument to play successfully in a large ensemble, we meet during the school day to rehearse as a Beginning Band and perform in the spring concert.


                All instrumental music students are required to practice a minimum of 105 minutes per week in order to develop their musical skills and earn a top grade in their lesson.   This is only 15 minutes per day, every day.  One good regimen for daily practice is to have your child incorporate their practice session with their daily homework time.  For example: Hypothetically, let’s say your child has 3 homework assignments this evening.  We suggest, when they take out their books and school work, they also set up their instrument and music stand at the same time right next to where they do their homework.  It is often good to do their most difficult homework assignment first, let’s say it’s a Math worksheet.  The student should take their time, do their best, and double check their work.  When they are satisfied with their completed assignment, put away the math, turn their chair, pick up their instrument, and practice on the first part of their music lesson at least 4 times through.  After that, put down the instrument and proceed with the next homework assignment.  Continue alternating between academic homework and instrumental practice until everything is done.  This way the student completes all their homework “chores” for the evening at the same time, rather than having to do a practice session after completing their academic homework. 

            If you wish to contact Ms. Kaufman feel free to do so by school email, or by phone.


              I looking forward to another exciting and successful year with the Brookside Elementary School Bands!



    Ms. Kaufman