• Emergency Information For Parents
    Emergency response plans have been developed for situations that may occur in the schools. If this plan is to be successful, your cooperation is needed. The primary goal of these plans is to keep our students safe! In an effort to answer anticipated questions, we have assembled a group of Frequently Asked Questions for your review. If you have additional questions, please call 732-521-2111.

    How will I know that there is an emergency at the school?

    In the event it becomes necessary to enact any aspect of the plan, parental notification will begin immediately. This includes our PTA/PTO telephone chains, posting information on our web site at http://monroe.k12.nj.us and advising the local media of all procedures.

    Should I go to the school?

    No, you should not go to the school if there is a situation. Parents coming to the school could seriously disrupt the execution of the plan. Parents driving to the school will cause congestion in an area where emergency vehicles may need quick access.

    What should I do?

    If the students are being kept secured in the school due to an emergency at or around the school (a hazardous material spill in the area, for example), you will be instructed to procede to the Central Office on Buckelew Avenue and School House Road where school district personnel will be available to meet with you and provide the latest, up-to-date information.

    Should I call the school?

    It is recommended that you do not contact the school. The school administration will be occupied seeing to the safety and welfare of the students. Calls to the school will tie up phone lines that need to be kept clear.

    Where can I call for information?

    In an emergency call the school district administrative offices at 732-521-2719. A recording will provide the latest information. You may also check the district’s web site at http://monroe.k12.nj.us for updates.

    Should I call 9-1-1?

    No. Police dispatchers will be busy handling the emergency at hand and any other calls that are on-going. They will NOT provide information regarding the incident at the school. Calling 9-1-1 will distract from the primary mission.

    May I use my cell phone in the area?

    Please do not. There are a limited number of "cells" available for cellular calls. We anticipate that the system will be overloaded. Police and school officials may need to use cell phones and may be unable to place a vital call.

    By working together we can ensure the safety of all staff and students.