Welcome to Room 203!


    Mrs. Huey-Colucci
    (Mrs. H-C)


       Dates to Remember!                                                    
           April 19-April 28th: Spring Break! 
                               beachMeet Mrs. H-C beach
         It is fun to be part of the Mill Lake staff! This is my 32nd year teaching children at the elementary school level.  I earned a Master of Education degree from Rutgers University and am certified as both a Special & Regular Education Teacher.  I have worn both "hats" during my teaching career.   In addition, I am a certified Wilson Reading Teacher.  
           Baseball is my favorite sport.  I live near the beach and like to pick-up shells & sea glass along the sandy shore. Reading, walking, board games, gardening, doing projects around the house, playing with my cats, and spending time with my family are just some of the things that I enjoy doing at home.  
           This year,  I will be co-teaching third grade with Mrs. Kreiger!!  We are excited to be teaching together!    
                         2018-2019 Supply List for Room 203
    The following list is voluntary, but helpful to working productively in class.  Thank you!!!
    *4 sturdy pocket folders (solid colors:  red, green blue, and orange)
    *1 sturdy pocket folder for homework (personal choice design)
    *4 composition books (black and white marble style)
    *2 boxes of pencils (sharpened)
    *Pencil Top erasers
    *2 large Pink Pearl erasers
    *2 box of either 16 or 24 count crayons
    *3 packs of large glue sticks
    *1 small plastic box to fit supplies    (5X8 inches size)
    *1 large box of tissues
    *1 large box of antibacterial or baby wipes
    *1/2 in. 3 ring binder
    *2 packs of low odor dry erase markers
    *1 yellow highlighter
    *1 spare sock to clean dry erase boards
    *1 small personal pencil sharpener with lid
    *3 packs of Post It notes