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    Welcome to Mrs. Rheaume’s Class



    A Note from the Teacher

    Fourth grade is an exciting time, filled with new challenges and experiences. Giving 100% is the key to success. Remember we are a “TEAM” because Together Everyone Achieves More.

    Contact Information

    Email: melanie.rheaume@monroe.k12.nj.us

    School phone: (732) 251-1177

    Things to Know
    • Update folders are sent home every Friday.
    • All work, except Math, should be completed in ink.  Pencils will be used in Math.
    • Students must wear sneakers for Physical Education.
    Homework Policy
    Homework is an important part of school. It provides students with additional practice and reinforces learning. Further, homework encourages student responsibility.  When responding to questions, complete sentences are required. Students should use pencil for Math and show necessary work to support their answers. It is important that homework be handed in on time.