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    Mrs. Jamie Newcomb
    School Counselor and Anti-Bullying Specialist
    (732) 251-1177

    What is a School Counselor?
    School Counselors address the academic, personal, social, and career developmental needs of ALL students while working closely with parents, educators, administrators, and community members.

    What does a School Counselor do?
    • Teach guidance lessons throughout the year based on our FISH Philosophies program as well as other topics related to building good character
    • Coordinate Character Education programs in the school
    • Consult with teachers and parents to help meet students' needs
    • Provide conflict resolution support to students as needed
    • "Lunch Bunch" lunchtime discussion groups
    • Provide group counseling for students experiencing similar concerns
    • Provide short-term individual counseling to students as needed (4-6 sessions)
    • Coordinate Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS) as well as crisis intervention services and coordination of mental health services with outside agencies
    • Coordinate state testing procedures
    I have an open door policy.  A student may request to see me at any time or, as the parent, an occasion may arise when you would like me to speak with your child.  Sometimes students are referred by their teacher or other staff members.  Parents can either email me or call me at the school as listed above.