Mr. R. Schultz

    The Woodland Physical Education Program consists of activities involving cooperation and teamwork.  The annual “Indoor Adventure”, created by Misty Corbisiero, consist of two PE class periods and takes place in the winterThis adventure promotes critical thinking as teams try and solve dangerous challenges.  The game focuses on saving the rainforest from a forest fire. The students must work together to conquer the Piranha River, Quick Sand, Turtle Bay, Lily Pad Hop, Piranha Stream, Ship Wreck Ocean, Fire Pit and even jump over the broken bridge to advance pass the Shark Pit.

    Students also challenge themselves during the District Fitness Assessments.  Students will participate in eight different events during the fall and spring school year. The events are the PACER, reach/sit reach, pull-ups/flex are hang, sit-ups, vertical jump, broad jump, push-ups and a mile run.  All students will be aware of their ability in cardiovascular strength, upper and lower body strength, endurance, speed and flexibility.

    Throughout their years at Woodland, the students will learn the following sports:  badminton, basketball, bowling, dance, football, frisbee, golf, gymnastics, hockey, juggling, lacrosse, pickleball,  track and field, soccer, softball, volleyball and much more.  They will also play fun activity/warm-up games that concentrate on teamwork, critical thinking, strategy and body awareness.  These games are Willy Wonka, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Disneyworld, Minions, Run in the Park, Spot Shot, Everyone is it, Number Hunt, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Dice game and the SpongeBob Tag.

    To cap off the year, the students participate in their annual FIELD DAY!  Students compete in individual, partner, 4 person, and class events to earn points for their homeroom class.  Students are assigned a team color and participate in the following events: the Basketball Shootout, Marble Grab, Potato Sack Race, 50 Yard Dash, Frisbee Can Toss, Water Balloon Toss, Water Can Race and of course the Tug-of-War!




    “The Top Ten Things You Must do to Take Part in Woodland’s Physical Education Class”



    9.   Be Respectful to other students and teachers

    8.  Try your best

    7.  Play by the Rules

    6.  Take off all loose jewelry

    5.  Have good sportsmanship

    4. Must be a Spongebob Squarepants fan

    3.  Have a positive attitude

    2.  Willing to try new things


    and the Number ONE thing you must do is…..

    HAVE FUN!!!!


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