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    Oak Tree School Safety Team
    Dear Parent/Guardian,
          As you know New Jersey has passed important legislation regarding harassment, intimidation and bullying in school settings. The Monroe Township School District has taken this legislation very seriously.  Each school has set up a “School Safety Team.”  Here at Oak Tree our “School Safety Team” consists of our guidance counselor, various grade level teachers, both general and special education, a member of our Child Study Team, a paraprofessional, a parent, and school administration. Mrs. Shanholtzer, our guidance counselor is also Oak Tree School’s anti-bullying specialist. By law her title is “Safety Specialist.”  Mrs. Shanholtzer has the responsibility of talking with students on both sides of a reported bullying issue, evaluating the situation and referring it to administration as appropriate. 
        Our team meets regularly to discuss our school wide bully prevention program, and to insure lessons, activities and assemblies help students to have a heightened awareness of this most important issue. There is lots of information on the district’ s website and our school’s web site pertaining to the law, board policy and district and school initiatives dealing with bullying.
    Mr. V