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    5th Grade General School Supply List


    • 5th Grade General School Supply List

      Please visit your class website for the complete list.  

      • PENCIL CASE: 1-small soft case with zipper
      • #2 SHARPENED PENCILS: 2 boxes of 12 (to start)
      • GREEN or RED PENS: 1 box of 12 (to start)
      • BLUE or BLACK PENS: 2 boxes of 12 (to start)
      • TEXTBOOK COVERS/Book Sox:  2 - Jumbo Size and not adhesive
      • TISSUES:  2 large boxes (to start)
      • POST-IT NOTES: at least 500 sheets of 3” x 3” size
      • GLUE STICK: Washable preferred

    In addition to the General Supply list, please have your child bring:



    • TWO 3 subject notebook wide ruled, perforated edges

    • 2 Black Sharpies
    • Package of loose leaf paper

    • 3 Ring Binder (Large)

    • 5 folders (different colors preferred)
    • TWO Large Ziplock Bags



    Web Site Description Web Site Description



    Name that State


    Find the State on the US Map

    Spacey Math

    Practice your Multiplication Facts

    Match the State with its Capital

    Match states and their capitals

    Table Math

    Try this to see how well you know your facts

    Explore the White House

    Take an interactive video tour of the White House

    Place Value Puzzler

    Fun place to check your Place Value skills (SuperBrain Level)

    Geo Bee Challenge

    5 new questions each day will boost your Geography skills

    Build a Bridge

    Spaghetti or Linguine

    A little pasta and some marshmallows could make you an engineer

    Be Safe Online

    Meet the Wizzy Wigs

    Hangout NJ

    Learn about "The Garden State"

    Celebrate NJ

    Research NJ


    Accessing Pearson Realize:


    Go to the following website: https://sso.rumba.pearsoncmg.com/sso/login?profile=eb&service=https://k12integrations.pearsoncmg.com/ca/dashboard.htm&EBTenant=MTSD-NJ

    You can’t just use Google to look up Pearson Realize. You must use this link because it is connected to the district.