• Community and Adult Education Program

    For 34 years, the Monroe Township Community Education program has offered classes, lectures, experiences, and opportunities as unique as the communities we serve!

    Our expansion of offerings on select courses has become popular with both our instructors and students. We are very excited to announce the return of DAY EXCURSIONS this semester, as well as Culinary courses! The program continues to offer diverse educational and leisure activities that meet the needs of every member of our community. A number of our instructors have opened their courses to include those under the age of 18, which is noted in the brochure with the parent/child icon icon . We’re proud of our history, and we’re proud that we continue to deliver excellence in education as we celebrate the Fall 2017 season.

    If you have not yet subscribed for an electronic version of our brochure, please select ListServ from the menu at the left and enter the requested information, or call 732-521-2111, ext. 7, to sign up now. In doing this, you will be helping us move towards our goal of “going green” and ensure you receive the brochure early!

    We are grateful for the support of the Board of Education, administration, staff, and community. Everyone’s contribution to the success of the Community Education Program is greatly appreciated. Without this collaboration, we would not be able to offer such a tremendous program to residents of Monroe and the surrounding area!

    Many friendships have begun here. Students become volunteers and teachers. Teachers and volunteers become students. Once people become involved with our program, they stay involved! We invite you to become involved during this exciting session or plan to join us as we put together our Spring 2018 program. We need your ideas, energy, participation, and support!

    Please feel free to contact our secretary at 732-521-2111, ext. 7, with any questions or to hold your place in a class. Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Yours in Service,
    Maria Naumik
    Director of Community Education
    Monroe Township School District