• About the Senior Options Program


     The Senior Options program at Monroe Township High School was implemented in the fall of 2007 to provide qualified seniors with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience outside the classroom in preparation for their post-secondary life, whether it be continuing their education or entering the workforce. Students gain this experience while receiving credits towards high school graduation.


    Students may participate in the following options:


    • Middlesex County Community College - Students take one class in the fall and one in the spring allowing them a jump start on their college experience


    • Professional Internship - Supervised practical paid or unpaid experience in a professional setting


    • Community Service - Students participate in a project that is designed to benefit Monroe Township or the surrounding communities


    • Job Shadow Program - Students observe professionals in their work environment and study pertinent information related to that occupation.


    • Teaching Mentorship - Students create lesson plans, teach and grade lessons while under the guidance of a Working with Children Instructor


    • Work Study - Students gain practical paid work experience


    Qualifications and Screening

     Interested students are screened, interviewed and qualified for their chosen option. Eligible students must pass the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) and be on track to graduate.


    Benefits to Students

    • Students experience personal growth that will enable them to adapt better to the ever-changing circumstances in business, career paths, and employment opportunities. Through workplace experience, students attain a deeper understanding of a specific career and industry.

    • Students develop skills and attitudes that enable them to become fully contributing members of society.


    • Students become more aware of the changing role of technology in the operation, location and types of careers and businesses.


    Benefits to Employers

    • Senior Options provides an efficient and cost-effective method of recruiting new part-time, evening, or weekend employees.


    • Senior Options gives local employers the opportunity to provide input to the school on industry trends, standards and training needs.


    • Senior Options student employees are screened carefully for interest, competency, and maturity. They are supervised by a licensed school professional who acts as liaison between employer and students.


    • The Senior Options program enhances the relationship between the school, the community, and the general public.


    • The Senior Options program is a chance for successful business and professional people to "give back to youth." Mentoring is fun, and "learning" from young people is refreshing.


    In Their Own Words…What Monroe Township students said about the Senior Options Program

    • The senior option program has given me the opportunity to explore the career I want to pursue. I worked in the Athletic Trainer’s office all year to gain knowledge and find out if this was what I was truly interested in. I learned different skills that I will use forever in my career. I had a positive experience; the program helped me get a jump start for college. I feel confident going in as an athletic training major and know that this is the career for me because of the opportunity the senior option program gave me. SG, Student Athletic Trainer


    • I can handle a large work load, a lot of responsibility and I can be a leader. I learned how to handle stress and complete my obligations on time. I benefited from meeting extraordinary and different people. Working with senior citizens made me realize how wise they are and how much we can learn from their experiences. KJ, Community Service Student


    • We learned a lot this year. We enhanced our skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. We’ve learned how to communicate with clients face to face and by email. We learned that teamwork and cooperation can go a long way. AH and MA, Graphic Arts Interns


    • The experience I’ve gained from this program will help me all my life. I now know what it is like to be in the work force. I have become more responsible and less oblivious to the world around me. AH, Work study Student


    • Being a dental assistant has really helped me narrow down my career choices. I don’t know where I would be had I not been involved in this program. SR, Internship Student


    • The learning experience has really shown me that being an occupational therapist is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. The vocabulary and knowledge I have gained helped me immensely when I interviewed for the accelerated masters occupational therapy program and I am now enrolled in the program and ready to start my journey!
      SJ, Community Service Student


    For further information, please contact Susan Stasi, Structured Learning Experience Coordinator at 732-521-2882 at extension 6090 or susan.stasi@monroe.k12.nj.us