• Teaching Mentorship Option Seniors

    Congratulations on choosing the Field Work Experience within the Monroe Township schools offered through the Family and Consumer Science Department.
    Field Work in Elementary Education is a senior class that is designed to give the students valuable experience working with younger children in an elementary classroom.
    Students will have the opportunity to work closely with school age children which will expose them to the field of education as a career choice.  Students work directly with the classroom teachers to develop lesson plans, projects, grades, etc.  Five days per week (Blocks 3A & 4A on “A” days and block 4B on “B” days) high school students will travel to the elementary schools within the Monroe Township School District and teach specific lessons that are part of the curriculum.
    Students will learn about the opportunities available in the field of education, will cultivate the abilities essential in a good teacher, will learn about various trends in education, will learn teaching techniques, phases of education, and will help foster the development of student leadership.
    If you have questions or need additional information, please contact me.
    Mrs. Susan Rosati
    Teacher of Family & Consumer Sciences
    Teaching Mentorship 
    (732) 521-2882 x6701