• Welcome to Brookside's Health Corner
    Mrs. Susan Talocka, School Nurse
    (732) 521-1101 Ext. 7505
    Please call the attendance line at 732-521-1101, prompt 1 or extension 7705. Notes should be sent in when your child returns to school.  A note from the physician is requested if your child misses 5 or more days with any serious illness requiring medical evaluation.
    first aid kit
    The Monroe Township Schools are staffed by a qualified school nurse. The nurse’s primary objective is to provide emergency first aid in case of an accident or sudden illness. The nurse does not diagnose illness, prescribe treatment or dispense medication of any type including aspirin, unless there is an administration of medication form  completed by the physician and signed by the parent submitted to the school nurse
     The State Department of Education in conjunction with the State Department of Health has started to provide health notices of public concerns to the general public.  They have asked that the schools assist in providing this information to parents of school-age children.  On occasion, we will be sending home health information as directed by the State.  If  you should have any questions about these notices or any other health related materials you receive, please contact the Nurse's Office.