• Mathematics Curriculum

    Monroe Township Schools are committed to providing all students with a quality education resulting in life -long learners who can succeed in a global society.  The mathematics program, grades K - 12, is predicated on that belief and is guided by the following six principles as stated by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) in the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, 2000.
    First, a mathematics education requires equity. All students will be given worthwhile opportunities and strong support to meet high mathematical expectations. Second, a coherent mathematics curriculum will effectively organize, integrate, and articulate important mathematical ideas across the grades. Third, effective mathematics teaching requires the following: a) knowing and understanding mathematics, students as learners, and pedagogical strategies b) having a challenging and supportive classroom environment and c) continually reflecting on and refining instructional practice. Fourth, students must learn mathematics with understanding. A student's prior experiences and knowledge will actively build new knowledge. Fifth, assessment should support the learning of important mathematics and provide useful information to both teachers and students.  Lastly, technology enhances mathematics learning, supports effective mathematics teaching, and influences what mathematics is taught.
    As students begin their mathematics education in Monroe Township, classroom instruction will reflect the best thinking of the day. Children will engage in a wide variety of learning activities designed to develop their ability to reason and solve complex problems. Calculators, computers, manipulatives, technology, and the Internet will be used as tools to enhance learning and assist in problem solving. Group work, projects, literature, and interdisciplinary activities will make mathematics more meaningful and aid understanding. Classroom instruction will be designed to meet the learning needs of all children and will reflect a variety of learning styles.
    In this changing world those who have a good understanding of mathematics will have many opportunities and doors open to them throughout their lives.  Mathematics is not for the select few but rather is for everyone. Monroe Township Schools are committed to providing all students with the opportunity and the support necessary to learn significant mathematics with depth and understanding.
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