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2016 Summer Preparation Packets

The Monroe Township School District has created summer preparation packets to ensure a successful start to the new school year.
All elementary and middle school students have assignments for Language Arts and Mathematics while high school students have assignments for Language Arts, Mathematics and select honors and AP courses in the sciences, social studies, world languages, business and applied arts and careers.  Please check each content area if your high school child has plans to take an honors or Advanced Placement class in September.
It is highly recommended that each student complete the designated summer review packet.  These packets are available on the district’s website, found at www.monroe.k12.nj.us.  Correlated to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the summer packets were designed specifically with the prerequisite concepts and procedures that are necessary for success in each course.  The completion of the summer assignments will provide students with a stronger start to the school year.  The students’ work on these review packets will also offer their new teachers valuable insight that will inform instruction at the beginning of the school year.